IKEA 470 lm bulbs not detected?

I have had success so far with all IKEA Tråfdri except the 400/470 lm bulbs.

It works getting them in pairing mode but they are never detected by Phoscon.
With Ikea gateway, that I was hoping to get rid of, they work. I have like 10 of those bulbs. Was the Conbee II wasted money?

Do you have any other devices already working on deCONZ?

Yes, Did you read my first sentence? :slight_smile:

But funny now after I posted this thread I got it to work.
Figured out that when resetting the lamp you need to stop at the 6th power on. It flashes differently from the 6 on/off + 7th power on.

Sorry, doing 20 things at the same time :sweat_smile:.

That’s always what happens :frowning: Happy you got it to work!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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