I can't find any zegbee device from my raspberry

Good evening,

I have a problem with my ConBee2 key, Cannot find my Xiaomi presence sensor, Xiaomi switch, Xiaomi door sensor, and sonoff temperature sensor.
In fact all that I have in zegbee.

I tried with “home assistant” and Domoticz, but it’s the same, it can’t find any sensor.

On the other hand I saw that I could install it on the computer with Windows 10, and it works very well, my sensors are well found.

Do you have any idea, I despair.

Can you share some logs?


Are you using the USB cable extension ?
Have you a firmware number in phoscon/gateway ? on the not working machine.

Hi there, there is a known issue on the latest phoscon version.

I had this issue with aqara mini switch I couldn’t pair anymore.
On the VNC interface, do you see the new nodes ?
If yes, then try to install a previous version to pair everything and then update to the 2.13.xx. Easier with docker…

Good evening,

sorry I’m not at home.

I managed to get everything to work, but being the image of HAOS on the SD card, it does not work on the SSD. Being exactly the same OS image, it works on the SD card, but not on the SSD.
I specify that the SSD starts well I arrive on the interface of home assistant.

Reading the firmware number of the conbee2 indeed it was not visible. While with the SD card there is good.

For the moment of the French forums tells me to change the power. She does 3A well, but a manufacturer may not be good.

Sorry for my English.

There is perturbation issues on USB 3.0 and zigbee + SSD.
You realy need to use an USB cable extention, and avoid the USB 3.0

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I have the same problem with 2.19.01 version. but it’s look like stable version for me in my repo.
Have you find solution for add new switch device?
Can we downgrade deconz securly?

Thanks for your come back

It’s a new install or not ?.
It’s your first device or not ?
You have problem with switch or all device ?

Sorry for reply only now.
it’s an old install and i was waiting for an update.
I just update to 2.20.1 and i have the same problem with all device.
i can’t add an SONOFF mini-l so i have configured before.

Somebody can help me please i don’t understund what happened.

My rasp it’s without GUI

Thanks for your help

On phoscon / Gateway you have a fimware number or “not connected” ?
You are Using the cable extension ?

Please open an seperate topic.