Hue Smart Button (ROM001) not working

I have managed to setup deConz an a Raspi 3+ with fhem running and controlling the ConBee II.
So far, everything is working after a few troubles at the start without one “Smart Button” by Philips Hue (ROM001).
I manage to connect it (Phoscon Web-App) to deConz, it shows up in the switches list but when trying to assign actions to the button, it won’t show a configurable button in the drawing. So all I can do is to “Go back” but it won’t show a configurable button no matter how often I try.

How do I get the Button configured via the Phoscon Web-App / Android App or what else do I have to do?

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Moved to Phoscon.

Experiencing the same. No way to select the interaction button after successfully pairing the switch. Worked before updating to v2.25.1

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Is there any clue on this issue as I have the same? Can I do anything to help to solve it?
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Since there is no reply or reaction, should I contact Customer Support?
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if you don’t mind, please contact Customer Support. This forum seems not to be very helpful.
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We can reproduce the error. Unfortunately, there is no place to click. However, the buttons (in this case it is only one) can also be selected by physically pressing the button on the switch itself. The button is then selected, the visual display in the screen is still missing but you can click on continue.

Our developers will provide a corresponding bug fix in one of the next updates.

Thank your for answering. Once I find the button (it has gone missing somewhere in the house…), I will try your suggested workaround.

We have fixed the Bug that the button was not clickable in the switch editor. It is in the next Phoscon App / deCONZ Release.

It is also fixed that the chosen button was not marked as “chosen” when the button was pressed.