Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor SML004 - motion event not triggered

I recently bought one of the Philipps Outdoor Motion Sensors, revision SML004. It pairs and shows up in Phoscon (although I need to read the clusters manually in deconz GUI to get some reasonable values). However, it is shown only with the generic sensor icon, and it also never triggers a motion event.


Is this device already support (revision SML004) or should I start a new device request, does anybody know? I could not find any specific info on this revision.

To answer myself :slight_smile: I created a DDF based on the SML001 version which detects and reports motion correctly. Temperature reporting also works, light level is quite off - maybe the reported metric has been changed. I will post to the DDF section.

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Feel free to do a PR once you finished it :slight_smile: