Hue Ensis pendant support


I just set up my conbee 2 (attached to Raspi 4 with extension cable using docker image).

The stick works fine, it finds almost all zigbee devices expect one… The Hue Ensis pendant bottom light is found and added by phoscon app but the top light is not found.

In the current compatibility list the Hue Ensis pendant light is indeed not listed… Any idea what could be the issue?

If I can provide any debug data, just tell me.

thanks in advance.


(Using Bluetooth connection with hue essentials app both lights are found).

Ensis works. I own one and you get two separate lights when pairing.

Thank you for your fast response…

after resetting the Ensis and also Conbee II now only the upper light from Ensis works… :-/
Using ZSHARK indeed only one MAC Address of the Ensis is currently visible…

I will to some further tests…

Try resetting it with a hue remote

Well … after many many tries with (several resets with a hue dimmer (at least following visual feedback od the pendant) to day suddenly it works… both lamps are now paired…

thanks @Robban

ps: thread can be closed

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