Hue Dimmer switches doesn't work

Sorry, but I’m facing this same issue since version 6.16 in Home Assistant which is 2.18.x and it hasn’t changed up to now:
To make it a bit clearer.
Amongst some Aquara switches I use two of these Hue switches:
I configured them here:

But since Version 6.16 that doesn’t work anymore. They simply doing nothing on a button press.
Even I’m not able to catch an event in HA. So they seem to be dead.

But since 6.16 as well, I have this picture instead:
I can add my lights and then I can simply switch them on and off but I’m not able to manage the scenes.
There is a scene editor available at that stage but its deactivated and will not help anyway as all my scenes are already defined.
That’s my issue still in the latest verion I already updated in Home Assistant

Same as Since versions v2.19.0-beta and v2.19.1, several devices do no longer work properly · Issue #6461 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub?

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Seem to be similiar but I’ve got it definitely earlier

Ok. Let’s at least hope as more people report it some progression will be had

I have similar issues that got triggered when I added a new dimmer switch. All but the latest configured switch in Phoscon doesn’t work. I can change which one works by reconfiguring the button mappings in the switch editor but even if I do it on all of them only the last touched one works. I tried downgrading as the github issue suggests but the problem still persists so I thought maybe this issue here is a different one if it has been around for a while. Any suggestions on what I could try?

Same her.
Brandnew Installation on a Raspi with Debian Bookworm and latest DeConz stick and firmware.
It recognizes the switch and lets me configure the buttons.
Yet when I press any of the configured buttons, nothing happens.

Any suggestions? this would be really odd, since I need the switches for guests that I don’t wan’t to pressure to install an app to be able to switch lights on and off in my house…

Thanx in advance and kind regards,

I recommend using Hue Essentials (app) to configure switches. It uses the deCONZ Rule engine to make the automations and stores them on your deCONZ installation.

Managed to get them working when paired them with deConz and restarted Phoscon Gateway. Only after that it would let me configure the buttons and get them working.
Had to try it several times for each switch - don’t give up…

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