Hue Dimmer switches doesn't work

Sorry, but I’m facing this same issue since version 6.16 in Home Assistant which is 2.18.x and it hasn’t changed up to now:
To make it a bit clearer.
Amongst some Aquara switches I use two of these Hue switches:
I configured them here:

But since Version 6.16 that doesn’t work anymore. They simply doing nothing on a button press.
Even I’m not able to catch an event in HA. So they seem to be dead.

But since 6.16 as well, I have this picture instead:
I can add my lights and then I can simply switch them on and off but I’m not able to manage the scenes.
There is a scene editor available at that stage but its deactivated and will not help anyway as all my scenes are already defined.
That’s my issue still in the latest verion I already updated in Home Assistant

Same as Since versions v2.19.0-beta and v2.19.1, several devices do no longer work properly · Issue #6461 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub?

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Seem to be similiar but I’ve got it definitely earlier

Ok. Let’s at least hope as more people report it some progression will be had

I have similar issues that got triggered when I added a new dimmer switch. All but the latest configured switch in Phoscon doesn’t work. I can change which one works by reconfiguring the button mappings in the switch editor but even if I do it on all of them only the last touched one works. I tried downgrading as the github issue suggests but the problem still persists so I thought maybe this issue here is a different one if it has been around for a while. Any suggestions on what I could try?