Hue Dimmer switch scene toggling not working correctly since v2.15.3

Hey guys.

I have updated my deconz addon in HA to 2.15.3.
Sadly my old rules (created with Hue Essentials) are not working anymore!

Running about 20+ hue dimmer switches with rules like (configured in hue essentials):

  • first press: scene 1
  • second press: scene 2
  • Option to reset to first press after certain time

Exactly since the update any hue dimmer switch acts like random. It seems it doesn’t reset the scenes to the first press after some time.

Before the upgrade anything was working like it should.
Any hints if this is a known issue and how i can solve it?

PS.: Restored deconz 2.14.1 and all is working as it should! I can live with that for now, but what’s the issue with 2.15.3?


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This is fixed in latest beta.

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Thx for the info.
So i will wait for the next stable to get the HA addon updated.

Any timeframe when next stable will arrive?

PS: no hurry, it’s working with downgraded version. Just asking to set an reminder


Probably in a few weeks :sweat_smile:

Hopefully only days :slight_smile: the current beta is meant to close stable.

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Thanks for the info.
Keep up the great work and take your time.

If anyone has the same issue.
Now there is an github issue for this and it is currently “not” fixed in the last beta.

Github issue: Multiple sequential rules triggered by 1 button press (state change) · Issue #6059 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

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Bug is fixed with 2.16.1.