Hue Dimmer Switch, dimmt nicht

Hello community,

I have a problem with the old 4-button Hue Dimmer Switch. The integration into the Phoscon app works smoothly. I have programmed the buttons so that a short press of the button switches on/off and a longer press causes dimming.

And exactly this dimming doesn’t work. The lights (also Hue) only go from 0% to 100% and vice versa. But there is no dimming.

The latest software is installed on the switch and on the lights. The Conbee III also has the latest firmware 264F0900. Deconz Adapter is currently running on 2.25.3.

Do any of you also have the problem?


Can you please translate your post to English? We are a English community.

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can you try it with a version older than 2.24.0. I have also dimming problems with Hue devices and it works fine until version 2.24.0. Maybe there is a same/similar problem with Hue devices since this version. If you downgrade the version, I had to remove the switch from the group and add it again so that the problem no longer occurs.



I tried version <=2.24.0, dimming doesn’t work.
Now I have installed beta version 2.26.0 and dimming works correctly.


Then I installed 2.25.3, the last stable version. Dimming doesn’t work…
I updated my Conbee III stick firmware to version 0x26500900.

And now: Dimming works correctly with version 2.25.3 and lower versions.