How to use deconz vnc (installed on raspbian)

I have installed deconz on my pi using the following steps: ConBee Installation

I run homeassistant, but not the OS, so I can’t install addons directly from the store. How exactly do I access deconz VNC? The only instructions I can find are about docker installations and homeassistant with OS,


There is no “deconz VNC”, you can get access to Deconz GUI using VNC.
You have to configure VNC on your Raspeberry first (Getting Started With VNC on Raspberry Pi: A Complete Guide – RaspberryTips). Then, when you gain access to your RPi, with VNC you could launch a terminal session to stop deConz if it is already running and starting deconz-GUI (both cannot run together) .

$ sudo systemctl stop deconz
$ sudo systemctl start deconz-gui

oh yeah I know how to do that, I thought there was a way to display the gui without vnc and running the gui version. It’s such a pain everytime I want to debug to knock my whole network down.

While don’t you stay the deconz-gui running all time ?

My impression is that that would take up more ram? Maybe it’s marginal and I should try that.

Of course it depends of you’re system configuration. For me the real challenge is not to close the GUI windows befoe closing VNC session ! :wink: