How to Update Hue Bulb Firmware?

My understanding is that Philips does not make their Hue bulb firmware available but requires pairing with the hub, or via Bluetooth+App, to perform the update.


Is it possible to have a bulb successfully part of the deCONZ network and also temporarily paired to the app so firmware can be updated?

A zigbee device can be on only 1 network.
I can be wrong but the philips OTA is managed by the gateway, not by the application, I don’t think its possible only with Bluetooth+App (or its not using zigbee OTA), some HUE android app are compatible with deconz but it will not help you.

But some philips firmwares are available on the net.

I suspected as much. And yes, according to some documentation I found, BT bulbs can be paired directly with an app for firmware updating. But regardless, I’m sure you’re right.

I’ll go take a look for those firmware files and maybe give that a shot.


I did that recently! Updated the Philips bulbs via their app via Bluetooth while they were still in the Zigbee network. No problem at all. You can also control the bulbs via Bluetooth and status is shown in zigbee network and vice versa.

Ha nice, but wich one zigbee network ? the deconz one ? It mean the firmware was downloaded by the samrtphone and upload by bluetooth ?

Yes, fw downloaded and updated via smartphone app via Bluetooth. No involvement of deconz.

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