How to update device DDF for all devices of type X?

I have a bunch of these plugs, and they are supported on 2.13.x by default, which is great:

From what I understood it should be possible to change DDF files to set defaults for reporting intervals for all devices of the same type, instead of having to change the settings for each device + consumption setting (Current/Voltage/Power)? Is there a FAQ describing exactly how this works?

  1. How does that work? Which file/setting? When looking at Edit DDF from VNC there are a lot of attributes to choose from (some of which even look duplicated), but I am not even sure if this changes it for all devices of that type?
  2. Is it possible to change the OOB defaults to something realistic? It looks like it’s set to several minutes by default, and I guess a default like 3s would be practical for devices that report (which is also the update frequency of the devices on the native Tuya app in this case)?
  3. When using docker: will any DDF update remain after an upgrade to a newer Docker image? If not: can we work around that?

Main objective is not having to go into all plugs and change the reporting interval manually. :slight_smile:

You have a starting point here

Sorry no tutorial yet, only that Device Description Files - deCONZ C++ Documentation

But DDF are still beta

  • I can’t say you if the reporting is working for ZHAPower sensor
  • After a restart the DDF is disabled, need to re enable it
  • You can save the file where you want

DDF will work for a specific modelID/manufacture name, but for all of them.

@Smanar Thanks for the info, I guess I will hold off from using DDF until it’s out of beta then. It’s still too complex for me at the moment. I hope in the end the built-in DDFs will contain usable default reporting intervals.

I can’t be sure, It’s personnal advice, but I think DDF will be full usable in 2/3 versions.

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