How to update a device with command line

I’m using deconz in jeedom with a rpi3, and I want to update (OTAU) a zlinky device.
with the deconz app on PC it’s easy, but I don’t see how I should make it on my rpi configuration. Is it possible to use some command line on the rpi to launch manually this update?

You can’t at this moment

I have see there is 2 firmwares for this device, a router one and a endpoint one.
In theory it’s possible for router device, if you put the firmware in the good folder and enable the option for auto OTA, but I have never used this method on my side, and this device is not as powerfull than real router.

You can’t access to deconz using VNC ? to have access the the GUI ? It’s that are doing HA user, but don’t ask me how they do that …

Perhaps something like Visualiser maillage zigbee via decONZ - #17 par vmath54 - Plugins - Communauté Jeedom