How to start deCONZ connecting to specific network card?

I have a user using dual networks.

He wants to make sure deCONZ starts connected to the second card, but there seems to be no parameter to specify the card or IP address to use? Or am I missing this (it is still hard to find a simple overview of possible startup parameters in documentation).

Any ideas are welcome.


I think it could help a lot to share what operating system are we talking about and if native or docker install could come to scope

The user is using deCONZ on windows. It is native. But I do think this is even possible on Linux to have a dual network card? So it could be a common question as well. What if a machine is using two networks, with their own network mask, how to control deCONZ to use the right network?

about the native approach I am not confident, but with docker there are some good possibilities. (Deconz has an official docker image)