How to set a switch as a repetear


I have an apartment of 90 square meters.
I placed 9 switches in the wall (so powered)
My issue is related to range, i mean after i paired them it will not respond after a some time.
So what is wrong?
My switches are moono.



They are automatically a repeater. However, range still can be a thing. Can you share a screenshot of the deconz gui and share some logs? In #deconz you can find out how.

Logs arehere: 18:07:46:032 DEV Tick.Init: booted after 8000 seconds18:07:46:047 dlg action: -
And no, are not repeater because are not shown me as a repeater at least in the vnc

Also as a power source it will say battery but are connected to the 220 directly


That’s written I the device firmware, it apparently doesn’t stick to the standard.

I used moono Switch which is zigbe