How to pair Legrand "Connected contactor/Teleruptor" (in German "Smartes Schütz"), article No. 412171, with deCONZ/phoscon?

Hi guys!

Can you please provide me with a hint how to pair a Legrand “Connected contactor”, sometimes also called “Teleruptor” (in German “Smartes Schütz”), article No. 412171, with deCONZ/phoscon?

It should work according to this, but I understand little from that issue:

The described problem was solved according to this fix:

It remains unclear to me which button to push on that device and where (deCONZ or phoscon) to click what for pairing. One post there reads:

I’ve to manually bind the following cluster :
0x000f, 0x0b04, 0x0003 and 0xfc41
Legrand Teleruptor and Xiaomi switch by Smanar · Pull Request #3053 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

But I have no clue what to do. :blush:

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry, I should have tried this before asking. This worked:

  1. In deCONZ go to Control tab => Pairing => Enable permit join.
  2. Push and hold that little rubber button (not the larger one) on the device until the red light gets on, and the device is added to the network. :grinning:

The only thing that I worry a bit about is that there is no line shown in deCONZ between the newly added Legrand contactor and the Configuration Tool (my RaspBee II). Or is this as expected? All other switches have lines that show their connection.

From my memory Legrand device have it too, perhaps need some time.
This line don’t mean there is a connexion, some devices don’t have it.

Take care the inclusion can fail on Legrand and device leave after 30s/1mn (long story), but if it stay in the network, you have win, thoses devices are realy reliable.
Ha another problem, some aqara/xiaomi are not compatible with Legrand (as router)

I would like to know if the Legrand contactor can lose its connection to the deCONZ ZigBee network. Here’s my concern:

It should power on/off a garden water pump. If it loses connection when it has powered off the pump, the worst thing would be a dry garden, as the time scheduler from deCONZ would no longer be able to reach the Legrand contactor. But if this happens when it has powered on the pump, hundreds of even thousands of litres water would flood the garden and potentially the neighborhood.

Has anybody of you an idea for some kind of added security I should consider? E.g. an additional mechanic timer that shuts off the pump after e.g. 15 minutes?

Legrand rarely loose connexion, they are realy good device.

There is a contactor and a teleruptor, they are not same device, and they haven’t same feature.

But right, I haven’t see a setting to set a “state” if the device loose the connexion, If I m right all zigbee device stay on same state if they loose the connexion.

On the contactor the security is easier, as contact are open by defaut if you cut the power, but on the teleruptor it’s another story.
But yes the security can be a simple “timed plug” (not a zigbee one ofc) powered by your device.

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Hm, I seem to have no luck. The LED (of that little, embedded reset button) turned green, and I can see the device in deCONZ even with lines indicating to where it is meshed to. However, after a few seconds, the green lights turns off. And I cannot switch a light bulb via the Legrand device from Phoscon or Philips Hue app (where it appears as light and could be configured). I can switch a light bulb on/off by clicking that other (larger) button on the Legrand device, so I know that the wiring is ok. But something is wrong either with establishing a working link between the Legrand device and deCONZ, or I need to adjust something in deCONZ to make it work.

The pairing guide there has not helped me further so far:

Nor the more detailed guidance:

So any further help/hints here are very welcome. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

When I click that little, embedded reset button, it turns on (green). But I still cannot switch it on via my zigbee (deCONZ) network. :frowning:

Here is how it appears on my deCONZ GUI (MAC address redacted):

after a few seconds, the green lights turns off

Yep, this is normal, and funny because only Legrand device do that.
Every time you open your network (with “add new light” for exemple), all your Legrand devices will turn green.
And when the network is closing, the LED turn off.

If in deconz the name stay in Black bold, it’s fine, if the device disconnect the name will be grayed.
What was the name before you set it at “Schutz” ? not something like 0xXXXX ?

To test the device with the GUI, try the cluster 0x0006, with “on” and “off” order.
Can you say me if you have the contactor or the teleruptor ? Some devices need to be enabled with the cluster 0xFC01. If I remember you have a setting to enable/disable the auto mode for the contactor (the HP/HC mode)

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Thank you! I was indeed not aware of this - good to know. And yes, it stays in bold. I don’t remember its original name, but it consisted of a name and some hex code like you mentioned.

What do you mean by this?

try the cluster 0x0006, with “on” and “off” order
In which tab do I have to do this and how? Is there some more general help how to execute commands?

I have the contactor.

Sorry, bit I don’t understand this:

Some devices need to be enabled with the cluster 0xFC01. If I remember you have a setting to enable/disable the auto mode for the contactor (the HP/HC mode)

And I have no clue about “auto mode” and “HP/HC mode”. Could you please explain a bit more?

I appreciate your patience with me and your help very much! :+1:

Ok so in the GUI, select the cluster 0xFC01 (Legrand- Specific cluster), in the cluster panel you will see on attribute 0x0000

Choose correctly according to your device Dimmer OR fil pilote.
Dimmer > Off=0100 - On=0101
Fil pilote > Off=0001 - On=0002
Contactor > On/off=0003 - HP/HC=0004

You probably have the value 0004 (press “read” or double clic on it), set the value 0003.

I think it will be enought to have it working, and you can found other command on cluster 0x0006 (on/off)

PS: Clusters are blue number.

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Dear Smanar, thank you so much for your kindness and so helpful explanations. :+1: :heart:

It works after changing the byte from 0004 to 0003 as you indicated, i.e. I can now switch the Legrand contactor via the Hue Essentials app. :smiley: