How to pair a Silvercrest motion detector


I have a Silvercrest (Lidl) SMSZ 1 B2 motion sensor. How do I pair it to my Conbee II? In the Phoscon app I clicked Add New Sensor. At the same moment I reset the sensor by pushing a metal pin in the reset hole on the sensor and hold it for about 5 seconds until the green led starts blinking fast. I tried with the sensor next to the Conbee stick. The sensor is not getting paired.

I use version 2.14.1 of the Conbee software, firmware is 26720700.

Any help appreciated!


Is IT showing in deconz?

I also recommend updating to the latest version.

Hi Mimiix,

I updated to version 2.19.01 but still don’t see the detector in Deconz. In the deconz-gui there’s a device that has no details and is not connected to the Zigbee network. Maybe that is the sensor?


Hi Peter,

Can you make some logs while pairing?

In #deconz you can find out how.

Please share with pastebin.

I was able to pair the silvercrest using the deconz - conbee application.
Select the Control tab and Click on Enable permit join.
remove one battery and add it back in. After that hold the pin for 10 sec. It will become available in the phoscon app with these details:
Vendor LIDL Silvercrest / Product TY0202 / Version2021.1.5 / Batterystate ok

Hi Marcon,

Taking the battery out first did the trick. Thanks.