How to connect TRÅDFRI Dimmer with Kobold?

Hey there,

I bought two of these Kobold switches to turn my bedtable lightbulbs into smart ones. I want to connect these with the TRÅDFRI Dimmer from IKEA, in order to dimm the light and switch it on/off.
So far I managed to integrate the Kobold between the lightbulb and the power plug. When I plug it in the light is on. But how do I connect the TRÅDFRI Dimmer now with the system?
Would be happy for any advice.

I don’t know anything about the Kobold, but maybe a guess is better than nothing:

The TRADFRI Dimmer created a switch group (Schaltergruppen). This group is invisible in Phoscon but visisble in the old webapp. If the Kobold creates a /light/-Resource you should be able to add this light to the Dimmer-Group and it should work.

Thats the way. The function switch groups is also include in the Phoscon App for the Kobold. It’s named basic functions as you see in this screenshot.

In this mode it’s possible to put another Zigbee light in the switch group. In the case of a gateway outage, the switch on the Kobold continues to control both lights.