How to configure Kobold to automatically toggle the connected lamp


i just wanted to know how to configure kobold to automatically toggle the connected lamp on pressing the toggle switch connected to it.
would be great if this is configurable in deconz so that no zigbee must be involved (but could), just a “dumb” switch, that could additionally be toggled by zigbee.

thanks in advance

Hi, which settings are you currently using in the switch editor?
The “basic functions” are meant so that the gateway isn’t needed and the Kobold sends commands to a group which it can be self part of (I’m not sure if this is done automatically, need to check later on).


i’ve tested both in deconz / Phoscon and both did not do anything.

i want to use the Kobold with ZHA. This works well for one of my usecases: “configure button and relais independed of another” (this was the main reason i buyed kobold: the “2 in 1” feature).

Additionally, as a fallback for some simpler usecases i would like to be able to configure Kobold to just trigger the lamp connected to it when the button, also connected to it, is pushed.

How would i configure this behavior in the group cluster / which assignments are necessary? a sample in deconz would be helpful :slight_smile:

thanks & greetings