How to change name of Coordinator (from Configuration tool 1)

I have a Zigbee network that uses ConBee II, with several devices added in the Phoscon App, where I have edited their names and where I have changed the name of the network (from Phoscon-GW) to my own name.

Whilst admittedly it’s just for cosmetic reasons but I would really like to change the name that deCONZ uses for the Coordinator from its present name “Configuration tool 1” to a name that I would feel I have more vested association with which would be “Conbee II” (a purely personal choice).

I can’t see a way of doing this - is there one ? Perhaps not ?

  • ''Configuration tool 1" doesn’t seem to show up anyway in the Phoscon App where I normally make name changes.
  • I can’t see a Name ''Configuration tool 1" anyway in a (Get) REST API api/key/config ruling out changing the name via a REST API,
  • The Coordinator’s Name field in deCONZ Node Info tab seems to be read-only ? (where Device names also seem to be read only)

You can see the name in phoscon / help / API Information / light.
You can change it using third app or direclty using the API with REST request yes Lights - deCONZ REST-API

Replying to Smanar.

Ok I see it (just didn’t expect to see coordinator details under lights).
Can’t change it in Phoscon iself (because its not a ‘real’ light, but now I see it as ‘lights/1’, it means I can easily make the appropriate PUT REST API to change its name.


Name of my Coordinator node has been successfully changed. Thank you.