How to change "Location Description" attribute in GUI?


Want to modifiy the rw attribute “Location Description” (0x0010) in Basic Cluster but it seems there is no place to modify existing valueor add a new value. Tht,s not relative to a specific device, it’s the same for all of my devices.

A read on this attribute generate a “reading done” message but nothing to display.

@de_employees are you able to help here :)?

Currently the UI doesn’t support writing strings to attributes. This is the first device I see which actually has this attribute, almost all other devices don’t support it.


Many thanks.

Surprisingly this attribute is proposed for all devices even if it’s not supported ?!
BTW only ConBee II reports as an answer to a read request in GUI that it’s not supported.

How can I do a request for it to be fully supported in GUI ?