How long does it take til i can use my Conbee II-Stick on another Machine?

OK, i thought i know enough about Zigbee/Conbee/Deconz, but this clearly isn’t the Case… :crazy_face:

I am using my Conbee II via Deconz on Homeassistant, all on the latest Version.
My Live System is a RPi4.
Additionally i have a Dev Unit, same Hardware, which (should) also function as Fallback Machine.
From Time to Time i restore the latest Backup from the Live System to the Dev System.

Today i was testing some Things on the Dev-Unit, and wanted to check something with Zigbee.
I thought i can just unplug the Stick from the Live System, and use it in the Dev-System. But this is not the Case, i get Errors like

12:03:33:086 max transmit errors for node 0x2C1165FFFE7D9811, last seen by neighbors 24 s
12:03:33:103 0x2C1165FFFE7D9811 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xD0 on task
12:03:34:550 0x50325FFFFEE2246C error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xE1 on task
12:03:45:966 0x01E6 seems to be a zombie recv errors 10
12:03:45:967 Node zombie state changed 0x2c1165fffe7d9811
12:03:54:965 ZCL attribute report 0x50325FFFFEE2700A for cluster: 0x0006, ep: 0x01, frame control: 0x08, mfcode: 0x0000 
12:04:00:605 discovery for zombie 0x2C1165FFFE7D9811 dropped, last try was 145 seconds ago

(Note, i just randomly copied the different Messages for demonstration, they might not all belong to the same Device)

So, obviously - the Zigbee-Devices are ‘locked’ to the other Machine.
I thought, they are only bind to the Stick itself, with its corresponding MAC/SN/whatever.
However, as soon i put the Stick back into the Live Machine, i could control the Devices again.

Now i am wondering:

  • How long does it take til i can use (the same) Stick with a different Machine? Is it individual set per Device, are there Rules of Thumbs?
    I had the Stick disconnected for +10 Mins, but i still couldn’t control Devices

  • How does the Zigbee Devices/Zigbee Network determine if a connection Attempt is valid? Obviously it is not (only) related to the Stick Mac/SN/ID

  • Is there anything i could do, to shorten the Time i have to wait til i control the Devices with another Machine?
    While during Tests this is no Problem, but in Case i have a major Failure of course i want to be back up as soon as possible

Am really curious what the real Zigbee/Conbee-Masters say :smiley: Thanks for your enlighting in Advance!

You need to migrate the software part too. So backup Phoscon on the PRD machine and load it into DEV. Otherwise, software doesn’t know the devices. The stick doesn’t hold anything.

Additionally, the 0xE1 indicates interference. Please read > Zigbee Error Codes in the Log · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

This does come from directly plugged into the Dev Machine without an Extension :wink:

Could you clarify what you mean by that? As mentioned, the DEV is a restored (Full)Backup from HomeAssistant, including the deCONZ Addon.

When opening Phoscon on the DEV, i can see all my Zigbee Devices (Of course not connected)
Same goes for deCONZ (via VNC).

They should be connected.

How many 0xe1 are you seeing?

That could cause the reason for the disconnects.

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Oh my… Looks like that was the Problem. So sorry :frowning:
I thought “for Testing well, if it only finds the Lamp nearby thats okay”.

After all im happy it is that easy :slight_smile: Sorry for that stupid Non-Issue…

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