How can I add a switch to the devices used in automation?


I would like to ad a switch to an automation with a motion detector (like described here) but for some reason I can’t see the switch in the list of devices to add to the automation.
Any help on where/how to find the option to add the switch to the automation is highly appreciated

Thank you in advance

Gateway 2.26.3 on a RaspBee II, Firmware 26780700
FLS-CT lp lights a Hue motion detector and Hue Tap Dial that are all successfully installed.
Accessing through Opera browser via IP, (the VNC viewer logs in successfully, but shows a grey screen,)

Hello, not all switches are compatible, can you give more information about it ? (it’s the Hue Tap Dial ? )
Else you can use more advanced application, like OpenHAb, NodeRed, Home Assistant and ect … But for me this one need to work with Phoscon.

The switch is visible on the switch tab ?

Thank you for taking the time to respond!

Yes, the switches are all visible in the switch tab (eg the Hue Tap Dial).

I have homematic, but I bought the phoscon gateway, because I saw in the user manual, that there is an option to combine motion detection and switches - which is easier to me. At least I thought it would be :slight_smile:

I have a feeling, something is wrong with my gateway, eg it randomly changes language back to English/ London (I guess because my browser is in English), VNC connects and logs in, but shows a grey screen. The app freezes, ans when I restart it, it works for a while, etc.

Would that make more sense?

I don’t use phoscon on my side but you probably have 2 Phoscon versions.
An online one >
A local one > http://YOUR_IP:YOUR_PORT/pwa/

Try with clearing cache perhaps, or make a try with another browser (or private mode)