Homebridge log - Event?

Hello, in homebridge in the log I still see a line after 1 minute (every minute):
“[06/05/2023, 20:41:41] [deCONZ] Phoscon-GW switch: Programmable Switch Event: Single Press”
I don’t know what causes it and how to remove it? Can anyone advise?

Hello, It’s a homebridge event, you haven’t the deconz one ?
You can have the deconz one in Phoscon/help/API Information/events

I have a Conbee II. Unfortunately, I don’t see anywhere what is actually going on and what could trigger this event… Phoscon-GW Switch is unconfigurable and anyway the tag plugin in HB is very little configurable. Basically there is nothing to mess up and yet this line is there and I don’t know why…

If you give us the deconz log from the API like I have described before, I can tell you more information about this event.

Sorry, I’m looking for the API log in deCONZ and unfortunately I didn’t find it. Can you please advise me where to look?

If you don’t see deconz event in it, it mean the problem is from Homebridge

I have the exact same “issue”. Earlier there was an option in the eve app where you could disable the log level of the Phoscon-GW but I can’t find it anymore.

It’s not a big problem but kind of annoying so if anyone has a solution how to disable this log messages I would appreciate.


@goldsucher Did you find a solution for it? My logs are also filling with this…

unfortunately no

Please see the closed issues, for e.g. #145 or #30

@arkcolson thanks!