Home Assistant "Unnamed device"

Probably a question for @Robban

I’ve been using the HA integration for awhile now. I have this one “Unnamed device” that I can’t get rid of in HA that doesn’t exist in Phoscon. I’m not sure what it is.

I’ve called deconz.remove_orphaned_entries and it doesn’t make it go away. I’ve removed other devices with it successfully.

Everything works, so I’m not too concerned. I disabled the entity in HA. Just curious at this point.

I guess it’s the host machine of deconz

Oh! Fair enough. I run the docker version of deconz, maybe that’s why.

It may just be an orphan device.
Those are not entirely uncommon.
You can remove it manually by deleting it from the device register file.
Be sure to make a backup of the file before you begin to play with it, though.