Home assistant difficulties

I’m new to home assistant and planned to get some devices I could connect to with zigbee. It’s running on a pi3 and I have a conbee 2 running the latest HA build. I followed the simple instructions of installation for Deconz, click install, then select port for zigbee radio. Well upon adding Deconz I think it destroyed my home assistant server. I connect to my sever as usual, then see my dashboard, It won’t open up when I click deconz on the sidebar or any other addons from the official addon store, just stays at a black screen, then I tried going to addons to disable it, but I’m greeted with the same thing. The logs say, my can’t run supervisor. And couldn’t start deconz. I tried to restart my server, restart all the yaml configs, check integrity of configuration.Yaml, it but that doesn’t even seem to work. Any tips or any more info I can give is greatly appreciated.
Edit: clarity, and spelling mistakes