Hive no battery status

The Hive provides the state of charge via the standard Zigbee cluster, this can be seen in deCONZ and also in the Phoscon app. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing whether other gateways can read this. Other options on the Hive side are currently being evaluated.

In addition to using the Hive in a Zigbee network, the Hive Bluetooth App can also be used (for Android, iOS is in progress). The charge status can also be seen there.

I’d love to see if someone could ask the developers whether the MACCapabilityFlags for the Power Source are set correctly. I understand that deCONZ doesn’t evaluate this flag, but it seems that both ZHA and HUE do.

By changing this flag to “battery powered or unknown,” which appears to be the correct setting for a battery lamp, your lamp would become fully compatible with widely used Zigbee systems like ZHA and HUE.

The developers take a closer look at the topic. It is possible that a firmware update will be released in the future.

Thank you very much.

I delved into the Custom Quirks of ZHA and wrote my own custom quirk for HIVE.
With this quirk, the HIVE device now displays the battery status correctly.
I have confirmed that the issue was due to an incorrect setting of the MacCapabilityFlag.

This line of code in my Quirk solves the problem.

self.node_desc.mac_capability_flags &= ~0b00000100  # Clear the mains powered bit

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