Higher User Load

Hi there,
I use deCONZ for quite a while. After updating to 2.18.02 when it came out, I started noticing a higher user-land CPU load on the raspberry PI (3+) I’m using to run deCONZ. Most of the time, or after a reboot, the user-land CPU load is lower than ~1%. Suddenly (after hours) it jumps up to ~10%. All zigbee devices respond very slowly. When I reboot the PI it is fine for some time again. After updating to 2.19.01 (stable) it continued with this behavior. However, the load goes down for some minutes before it jumps up to the higher load.
I double-checked on my side (python code to access the REST-API) and added some DB recording of all incoming web-socket packets (as sent from deCONZ). I notice that a hand full of devices sent about 2600 messages in 15 minutes. Those devices are mostly motion detectors. Which should not have a reason to do so. After reboot there are only about 450 messages in 15 minutes.
I have a total of 45 lights and 150 sensors. Both are below the limit of 200.

I’m not sure what the cause of this behavior is. I’m curious if there are some tips on how to narrow down the root cause. I have no issue with the load itself, but with the resulting slow response of e.g. motion detectors & light changes. It might be that my code triggers those responses, but I’m unable to see why .


Hello, perhaps Nous A1Z DDF causes high CPU - #2 by Smanar

So, I couldn’t really identify the root cause.
Smanar, I appriciate your comment, but I don’t have any Nous devices. Just HUE and Aqara.
I move the whole setup from a Pi 3B to a Pi 4B (4GB) and did a backup/restore. Worked fine. Now all is back to “normal”, meaning below 500 messages per quarter hour for the last 4 days now.