HG08673 LIDL SilverCrest smart plug with monitoring (EU, FR)

Hello, I’m new here and this is my first post. Sorry in advance if I’m missing something.
I bought these plugs… klick …connecting was no problem, everything worked straight away. But now to the question, what do I have to do so that I can see the energy measurement in the phoscon?

img 1:

img 2:

thx in advance

You need support for it.

Can you share a Screenshot of the basic cluster?

Hi - you mean this?


You can’t. Energy measurements are not exposed by Phoscon, only via API.

Hi. I can see that it’s not possible at the moment. But that’s not the reason why I’m writing here. This is why this should be added to phoscom. Why shouldn’t display all the data that is available?

Ah it is showing in the api?

Hi. As mentioned, I’m new here. Is this the api you are asking for? …i would say no.

They should be exposed under sensors, not lights.

Among the sensors I only see the motion detectors and the door contact.

In deconz right click on the node. Edit DDF. Change the status from silver to gold.

Save and then remove and repair the device. It’s supported, just not tested.

Hi Mimiix
Can i do a similar thing for my device?
mine is only draft.

Your device is different.

I recommend opening a device request.

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Hi Mimiix
The Device has the same id as another device in your device list.
but the manufacture name has changed a bit, i guess its because this device is sold by many companies with there own name on it.
should i still open a new device case or how should i proceed?
deConz pic 1


As the manufacturer name is different, we can not know for sure its the same device. Thats why you need to open a new device request.

So yes, you need to open an new device request.