HERA Switch https://www.hera-shop.com/en/products/accessory/light-control-wall-switch-dim-zigbee-alexa-white-21703250101 does not work

The led controller Dim-controller as optional accessory for 24V transformer?s | Hera was no problem after i discovered i had to push the pair button 5 times, but now the switch…

After some fideling i got the switch noticed in raspbee II
Phoscon shows the buttons and i was able to connect a function to them

And i have created a group with the led controller and the switch. When pressing a button nothing is happening. No light respons but also no “led” in deconz.

The switch is a piezo type, without battery.

At this point not a clue where the problem is, please help

It’s not supported…you need to request support on GitHub.

Alright, will do