Heating thermostat

Dear deCONZ / Phoscon community,
are there “officially” supported Zigbee heating thermostats which are compatible with ConBee / RaspBee II and the related Phoscon app?
Did anybody of you run some practicle tests with devices at home?

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Hello, they are not supported in Phoscon, need to use third app.
What are you calling “heating thermostat” ? the device fixed on wall that turn on/off the heating system ?

Dear @Smanar,
I am talking about something like this: Spirit ZigBee | EUROTRONIC Technology GmbH

Would be interesting if Phoscon or the ConBee is in general able to handle these home automation stuff as well.

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Ha ok so it s called TRV, thermostatic Regular Vanne (If I m right ?)
There is so much of them, you can find some of them here https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Supported-Devices

From hive, tuya, Eurotronic, Danfoss, ect …

But the better way is searching for “TRV” on the github issue, you can find at least 10 of them just for tuya, take your time for reading all the issue, they have not the same support.

But, you are right, will be nice to have at least a basic support for them in Phoscon.

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