Headless Mode network layout

Hi All,

I am new to ConBee II and deCONZ, I have mine setup on a Pi3 in headless mode, Is there anyway i can see the layout of the Zigbee network, so I can see if my socket

       "manufacturername": "_TYZB01_mtunwanm",
        "modelid": "TS011F",

is working as a router ?


Sorry, it’s only possible on desktop mode.
But all sockets are routers.

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thanks, so when i pair a new device it will automatically pair to the nearest router ?

More to the router with the better connexion, some device, from sonoff for exemple are realy bad routers.

With a headless RPi you can still connect to it with VNC and can get to the windowing environment of the RPi. There you can view a drawing of your network connections.

When I have to check something with the GUI, I just ssh to my RasPi with the “-X” option set to allow X-Forwarding. Also I have installed an X-Server on my Mac (XQuartz).
Now, on the RasPi I can stop the deconz service and start the GUI on the command line - the windows then opens on my Mac’s X-Server.

how do i start deconz-gui once connected to ssh with -X ?

it seems deCONZ-GUI is not installed ??

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
“deCONZ” is the binary with the GUI. To start it, I run

sudo systemctl stop deconz
(when ready, close the application and command prompt returns)
sudo systemctl start deconz