Hama/Tuya_THD Smart radiator TRV _TZE200_yw7cahqs - some state values not updated


I have added my Hama smart radiator device to deCONZ. I know that this device can only be seen in the REST API and not in Phoscon. It’s possible to set values like heatsetpoint or REST API gets updated when changing manually the device.

But some state values like temperature (the measured temperature) or battery. These state values are only set when joining the device.

I found several threads about the Tuya TRV. AFAIK this device is supported by the REST API.

I’ am using the latest deCONZ beta 2.18.2-beta.

{ "config": { "heatsetpoint": 2000, "locked": true, "mode": "auto", "offset": 0, "on": true, "preset": null, "reachable": true, "schedule": { }, "schedule_on": false, "setvalve": false, "windowopen_set": false }, "ep": 1, "etag": "9d8a874cbdf1ed8798662315576044be", "lastannounced": "2022-09-26T12:33:55Z", "lastseen": "2022-09-26T14:51Z", "manufacturername": "_TZE200_yw7cahqs", "modelid": "TS0601", "name": "Thermostat 61", "state": { "lastupdated": "2022-09-26T12:34:06.254", "lowbattery": false, "on": false, "temperature": 2320, "valve": 0 }, "type": "ZHAThermostat", "uniqueid": "04:cd:15:ff:fe:10:0f:22-01-0201" }