GU10 spot blue at power on


I have 2 Hue White and Color Ambiance Spot GU10

Since a few weeks they have weird behaviour. At power on (electricity) they give blue light in stead off white light.

I tried several things to solve the problem:

  • remove/add to Deconz
  • add to Hue Bridge to update the firmware
  • check the settings in Deconz VNC
  • install older version of Deconz

When I remove the spots from Deconz, they are working fine, meaning giving white light at power on
But when I add them to Deconz again, at power on I see a short delay before light is on and the light is… blue.

Is there a setting somewhere for power on behaviour?

Spot: Model LCT003
Firmware: 67.101.2

Deconz: 2.22.00 / 19-9-2022
Firmware Raspbee II: 26720700

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I think I have the same problem with my LCT015 version 1.101.2. When I add it to the deCONZ via Conbee II, it randomly turns blue when I turn on the bulb from the power switch. Have you managed to find any solution?

I can record video if more description is needed.

Hy guys,

I´ve tested the LCT003 (we don´t have the LCT015 here) with the Firmware
No strange behavior, the bulb is safing the stats after you take it from the power. So, no problem here.
But I will test it with your firmware as well guys. You will here from us in the next days.

I have recorded video of the behavior: 20230612 164047 - Sendvid

I am using the power switch on the wall.

So it´s ok on the first click but blue on the second? Really weird.

Yeah :smiley: As soon as I disconnect it from my Home Assistant deCONZ addon, it starts working normally.

We cannot reproduce the issue with a LCT003 spot, the newest firmware 11.0.10732 of it and inside of Home Assistant. Do you switch of the light via power off or via a zigbee command (via app or zigbee switch)?

I have the same issue:

I’ve got a Pi4 with a ConBee II:

  • version: 2.22.02 / 19/09/2022
  • firmware: 26780700

Multiple LCT012 with firmware: 1.101.2.

They all show they same behavior as described earlier.

Is there any way I can help to debug this?

Thanks a lot!

I forgot, similar to the thread author - I use a real switch to power off/on the lights.

Can you update the firmware of the light with a Hue bridge?

@ich Thanks for your reply.

Probably I can do that.

Interestingly, this has been working correctly before and was only an issue with the last or second to last update of deconz - docker-based container.

Any ideas what could have caused this?

Can I downgrade to an older version of deconz to crosscheck?

I had to replace one bulb.
Before adding it to deconz, the new bulb didn’t show the blue/white behaviour.

After adding it to deconz, it shows the blue/white behaviour.
Removing it from deconz, it doesn’t.

Any suggestions how to debug this?


I have the same issue. Yesterday I switched with two LTC007 from a HUE bridge setup to deconz. I bought both bulbs in one package (years ago), one is perfectly starting with the pre-power-off state, the second starts either with the described blue or with some white (but not the pre-power-off state). Are there any news regarding this behavior?