Gateway page not working after downgrade 2.23.1 -> 2.22.2 in HA/deconz plugin (second try)

The HA deconz plugin has been reverted to the previous version of working deconz (2.2.22). So the HA deconz plugin went form 2.22.2, to 2.23.1 and now rolled back to 2.22.2 due to the issue described in does not work anymore.

Now, with the rolled back 2.22.2, the gateway page does not load anymore on my desktop browser. This was working before with the original 2.22.2.

There’s this error in the console log when visualizing the gateway page from a desktop browser:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'innerHTML') at VM2311 advanced-sub-views.js:3:1071

When loading the gateway page on my mobile, the gateway page loads instead :thinking:

The problem stays when clearing all caches and cookies and storages (dev console → application → storage → clear site data).

I managed to load the gateway page from an incognito window too! This should be the same test described in the sentence above but I have no idea what’s different.

I’ve got exactly same problem.
Noticed immediately after installing deconz to 2.23.1 and after that restored to previous version. Now I can’t see Phoscon gateway page.

I am a newbee and have another problem using HomeAssistant together with deConz/Conbee II on a RasberryPi 4.

After installing, configuring and starting the deConz addon I see the IP at the upper right window of the Phoscon page.
Adding the deConz integration with configuring this IP and port 40850 I am unable to pair my devices.

After shutdown HA and rebooting the system the above IP has changed to and the deConz integration is not functional anymore.
Trying to debug this I found a couple of lines like:

2023-09-30 11:15:52.865 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.deconz] Error connecting to deCONZ gateway at

deConz trys to connect to the IP before rebooting the system.

Is in HA a possibility to install an older version of deConz addon/integration?

This is a issue in ha itself where the integration is not picking up the new ip of the addon.

This is not related to this topic.