Gateway page isn't showing in all versions after v2.16.1

Upgrading to v2.16.1 is working properly, every other version after v2.16.1 isn’t showing the gateway in the Phoscon App. I tried the following versions: V2_17_00, V2_17_01, V2_18_00, V2_18_01 and V2_18_02
I tried all versions with the ConBeeII firmware 0x266b0700 and latest 0x26780700 but no combination is working. The Deconz App is working properly and is showing the nodes and looks like Domoticz is getting connection and updates from the devices.

Running Deconz on Windows 10 virtual machine with USB port redirected from ESXi host.

Can you try from another browser/device or inprivate window?

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Did try from other browser and also remote from other machine. But just tried it from my mobile phone and is showing the gateway page.
Looks like a cache issue on multiple browsers…