FYRTUR / ZHABattery: "lastupdated" not updated?

ConBee II
Version 2.13.04 / 18.12.2021
Firmware: 26720700

I have 2 FYRTUR devices. I’m using deflux to log all sensor changes via websocket to my influxdb. So I can see when the battery changed:

2022-01-01T07:12:16Z 100     47 Akku Rollo DG links  ZHABattery
2022-01-01T07:17:27Z 99      47 Akku Rollo DG links  ZHABattery

… but GET /sensors/47 says it was last updated on 2021-12-20:

  "config": {
    "on": true,
    "reachable": true
  "ep": 1,
  "etag": "0addc0ebbf821bd46769b59c63fea01b",
  "lastannounced": "2021-12-28T06:53:35Z",
  "lastseen": "2022-01-03T08:35Z",
  "manufacturername": "IKEA of Sweden",
  "modelid": "FYRTUR block-out roller blind",
  "name": "Akku Rollo DG links",
  "state": {
    "battery": 99,
    "**lastupdated**": "2021-12-20T05:35:49.206"
  "swversion": "2.2.009",
  "type": "ZHABattery",
  "uniqueid": "84:2e:14:ff:fe:75:7c:31-01-0001"

Is this a bug?


If it came to the influxDB, it must have announced it with websocket. The LastSeen was updated, so perhaps that’s why it came trough.

@de_employees anyone able to check this?

same issue on my side with Fyrtur blind covers in DeConz with Conbee I (2.13.04 / 18.12.2021 // FW: 26390500). I use DeConz with FHEM and get the actual values but timestamps are not updated.
the lastSee-Reading shows the correct time.