FYRTUR "Battery Percentage Remaining" = 166

I have 3 FYRTUR blinds (all have the latest 24.4.11 firmware). I noticed one of them stopped reporting its battery state via REST API. So I opened up die deCONZ and checked there.

I looked at the “Power Configuration” cluster. The 2 which report value via REST API have the same value at “Battery Percentage Remaining”. The other one has “Battery Percentage Remaining” 166. Does this mean 166 %? Is this why REST API stopped reporting because its above 100 %?

There are devices like the Phoscon Hive in the screenshot that report a value in deCONZ that has to be divided by 2 for the percentage value in the API. Maybe it is the same with the roller blind.

Hello, your captures are for 2 FYRTUR ? with the same firmware ?

Yes, sorry for not making it clear

Hm, looks like the DDF is missing the division by 2. So the workaround is rather easy and clear :slightly_smiling_face:

But i still don’t understand why on his capture he need to have a device with a /2 and not the second one …

The battery voltage maximum is 7.5 V, so the second capture can be fine 7.2V for 96 %, and in this situation the value don’t need to be divided.
For the first one, even the voltage value is strange, 7.8 V ???

And on C++ code (for native support), the value is not divided by 2.

So for me the problem is more the first device itself.

It looks like it has something to do with the firmware. Just checked the historic data (see screenshot)

I updated deconz to 2.22 (DDF for Fyrur) just a few days after it came out. So like end of June. No changes.

I did not charge the batteries in the time range. But I updated to firmware at the time the battery values doubled. ID 47 is mising since then. That’s the device that’s missing the reading.

So maybe the / 2 need to be done with the latest firmware only?


**FYRTUR and KADRILJ roller blinds (24.4.11)**
**Product ID: E1752, E1757**
◆ Optimised battery performance.
◆ Stability improvements.

Yep, for me too, problem, IDK if it’s possible with DDF ?
Not possible using a firmware check on selected DDF, perhaps used direclty on the value field ?

I updated the DDF for the FYTUR today:

"eval": "Item.val = Attr.val / 2"

everything dropped to half as expected. So I fully charged one of them (ID 53). After that it is on 200 in deCONZ and 100 in the REST-API. So I guess its save to day the latest firmware needs that.

But the problem is you will use the same DDF for all your device, even the one that don’t need to divide the value by 2. So you will have some device with value 0 > 50.

True. But I can’t solve that problem :wink:

Can you give your firmware version ? (working and not working) pls ?

I have all my 3 devices on version 24.4.11. So for me / 2 is fine for all devices. All data is correct now (just fully charged another one - 200 in deconz, 100 on the API)

Ha yes you have updated all your device with the last firmware, it’s a solution too.

What remains is the question if the logic can / should go into the “stock” DDF.

IDK, as it work for you, I will see with the next one with issue, but from ebaauw it’s perhaps possible using R.item('attr/swversion').val in script.

Yes, that’s possible, see New IKEA firmware by ebaauw · Pull Request #7269 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Not sure this is the wisest thing to do, but anyways. Note that there’s also some of the older IKEA controllers that now report battery in 0.5% with firmware 24.4.x.