FW update flag: Raspberry Pi 4B, Raspbee II, Home Assistant OS, deCONZ

Presently I notice there is a firmware update required on my Raspbee II by all of my devices stop reporting.

Can a firmware update entity please be created for Home Assistant to flag that there is a need for a firmware update before shutting everything down?

What ? And stop reporting mean stop working.

before shutting everything down?

Don’t worry, if all is working before, nothing will shut down the network, I have spend 1 year with an old firmware without problem.

You never use Phoscon ? the message can be displayed here.

Hi @Smanar. When all my devices stop reporting, yes, stop working, the zigbee network is no longer active, effectively shut down.

To troubleshoot why my system is shut down, I log onto Phoscon and deCONZ and find there is a firmware update to be applied. After I apply the firmware update, the zigbee network is active again and my devices start reporting again working again.

I am asking for a firmware update entity be created for Home Assistant so that I know to log onto Phoscon and update the firmware before the system shuts down.

I am pleased that your system worked for 1 year with an old firmware without problem, however my system shuts down and is non-functional without a flag in Home Assistant telling me why, requiring me to troubleshoot the issue.

A flag in Home Assistant indicating there is a pending update to be applied would mean I no longer need to find the system shut down requiring troubleshooting to find out why it has been shut down.

That must be a mistake. Nothing stops working just because a new update becomes available. I have been through almost every update for all elements included in the whole value chain, from ZigBee devices through conbee, deconz, phoscon and finally HA itself. I never update anything just because a new update is available. I update when I find it convenient to do so.
Never ever did anything stop working just because I decided not to update. You must be referring to something else. If your system stopped working, it’s not because a new update became available.