From Raspberry PI4 to Synology DS-720+

Hi, I’m new in that forum. I’m looking for a tutorial to migrate a raspberry pi 4 installation from iobroker with Conbee2 and influx.db and grafana to an installation on a synology ds720+ in docker or VMM. Do you have any idee, where I can find such a tutorial?


Are you running deCONZ on Iobroker or are you running that build in thing in ioBroker?

I’m assuming you are running deCONZ in this.

A note : the conbee doesn’t store anything related to the devices. Only some network settings. This means that all other info is stored in deCONZ. So you can just backup and restore.

I was running deCONZ on a Pi in HA before and i migrated doing the following:

  • Creating a VM in Synology with Debian and installed deCONZ
  • Creating a backup in phoscon on the RPI
  • Put the Conbee in the Synology NAS
  • Attach the Conbee in the Virtual Machine manager to the new Debian VM with deCONZ
  • Restore the Backup in phoscon on the Synology VM
  • Done!

Thangs a lot. All things works well now.