Frient Motion Sensor Pro agood combination with deCONZ?

Just started with Zigbee/deCONZ so still a NOOB with a simple question. It looks like you can add not yet supported sensors yourself in deCONZ:

Interested for sensors:

  • Frient Motion Sensor (MOSZB-141) seems this already works with deCONZ (source)
  • Frient Motion Sensor Pro (MOSZB-140) working unknown

If someone already invented the wheel for the last sensor is it possible to share?

I think the Clip sensor is a fake sensor. Not something you’d want.

The “source” you linked isn’t our official list. Best is to check github for the IDs:
Seems like the 140 is supported indeed.

The other one, i can’t find an entry for.

You can use DDF’s to create support yourself. .

Best is to open an device request on Github and try to create a DDF with help of a sample or a dev yourself. Please note that Tuya devices aren’t supported in this way of adding devices yet.

Both sensors are fully supported.

In that case, Phoscon probably doesn’t support them.

Thank you @Swoop for your reply and yes I can confirm also that this device (MOSZB-140 - HW 2.2.0) is fully supported by deCONZ. Maybe “Tamper” is missing but for me that is not important.

@Mimiix were you answering on a different topic? Because you Clip remark and 'doesn’t support; were a bit confusing for me :slight_smile:

My details are:

  • Firmware version: (26720700)
  • deCONZ version: (2.14.01 / 06/02/2022)
  • Device: ConBee II
  • Running on Pi4 with Openhabian and another USB-device (DSMR)

I have/had no reason to believe it’s supported as i didn’t found a device request issue.