Freely assign group ID

I have a MIBOXER remote control which is linked by default to the group ID 101. So if I want to control one or more lights I have to create a group and assign the ID 101 to it. I can do this with zigbe2mqtt which lets me freely assign the ID of the group but I didn’t understand if I can do the same thing with deconz (which I prefer).

Thank you

It depends a bit how the remote works. We have some remotes which can reconfigure the group id with group commands, this is then managed by the respective DDF and the group used can be set via REST API.

If the remote just uses a a fixed group ID, a bit hacky workaround is to create a new group via REST-API or Phoscon App and then edit the zll.db groups table (with sqlitebrowser) and change the group ID to the one that the remote uses.

However this may not work cleanly as the lights in that group need to understand the commands the remote sends. For simple commands like on/off and brightness this is often the case, but many remotes send rather custom stuff. Here it’s better to use the Phoscon App switch editor which translates the custom commands and sends commands understood by lights to the group which they are assigned to. This then only works while deCONZ is running as under the hood there are two groups in play.

Unfortunately the remote uses a fixed group ID. So the only solution is to use the workaround you suggested.

Thank you