FLS-PP lp max specs

Hi, until now I have been using Philips Hue lamps and strips as well as RGBWW strips connected to a Gledopto controller.

I have been reading positive things about FLS-PP lp and from what I have read I should be able to use strips I connect to this FLS-PP lp and make the strips work with more advanced functions in the Philips Hue app and bridge, e.g. the Scenes (which my ‘older’ Gledoptos refuse to do… so I might throw them out).

The question: what is the maximum allowed Watt / Ampere that I can put on 1 FLS-PP-lp? E.g. could I add a 10m led and let it shine at it fullest :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find anything on Technical support or FLS-PP lp wireless ballast - dresden elektronik sadly :frowning:

For some reason the English docs are not online, only the German ones are up:


The total allowed current is 6A and can be driven by 12V (72 W) or 24V (144 W) led strips.
The length of the led strip is only one parameter, it depends also on how many leds it has per meter :slight_smile:

Thanks @manup ! I noticed the data sheets of the others as well.
I’ll start to investigate what possibilities that would allow for the different led strips and lengths. RGBW, RGBWW, CW/WW, Wattage etc.