FLS-A lp or similar

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy an FLS-A lp as a private consumer?
Or can recommend a similar device compatible with deCONZ?

Nothing? Really?

You can buy this as private customer? A search on Google does wonders…

I get this.

Sorry, I was pasting a wrong link, it should have been https://www.reichelt.nl/nl/nl/zigbee-light-link-voorschakelapparaat-smart-home-fls-a-ip-p299371.html?r=1 or
FLS-A lp wireless ballast - Google Suche

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It should be also available soon at Amazon.

Yes but that link displays “Currently unavailable.”

Thats why i wrote “soon” :wink:

Now our offer is back.

Oh ok. I missed the “soon” part! But good to hear.