Firmware for Conbee II

Hi there, I got some new sensors where Conbee II USB is not able to link them. System shows shortly - sensor found but it is not listed.

As I am using an old Firmware: Version 2.19.02/19.9.2022 - Firmware 26720700
I try to update that. On the homepage: Update deCONZ manually · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub I can only find a 2023 version for Conbee III but no one for Conbee II. I tried that version but get an error.

can someone help to get the conbee II version from 2023? I also wrote the support but no answer so far :frowning:

You need to update the deCONZ software :slight_smile:

For windows:

I have the same problem. deCONZ software update means I need the GCFFlasher? Is there an discription what I have to do and does this mean I’ll loose my parameters in deCONZ?

Me too The Phoscon app shows a Version of 2023 ist available, but in the Downloadarea the Newest for Conbee 2 ist from, May 2022

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Same here for RaspBee II.
Will there be an update for Conbee and RaspBee II after 2.19.02/19.9.2022, or will they no longer be supported?

Guys, you are all referencing software , not firmware.

The 2.xx versions are Software and the firmware is a string.

You have to update the software by updating the package (Linux) or just install the new version (windows).

You won’t lose a thing.

Trying myself to get my head around this and understand what is what and been searching for quite some time now.
I managed to update the FW by moving my Conbee 2 from my Raspberry Pi where i run Home Assistant, to a windows computer to get a FW ver 26780700. Some weeks ago but it seemed to be the latest FW at that time. However, looking at the gateway page in phoscon, accessed through HA, the FW show what i just wrote but the version is 2.22.02 and the date is 2022-09-19.
I can of course install the software on my windows desktop but that doesn’t change anything once i plug the conbee 2 into the HA pi again.
So, what am I missing or don’t I understand.

That is the software (deCONZ) version. In order to increase that, you need to update the software. In your case, the HA Addon.

The date corresponds to the firmware release date. Really confusing thus why we have a feature request open: Feature request: Better distinction between firmware and deCONZ version - #9 by felker

Thanks, then if I understand it correctly I will need to wait until a new release of the deconz integration for hass is launched?

The Addon you mean? Yes.

Probably. :smile: