Feature Request Touchlink support on Conbee II


It’s an older request, but also moving it to the forum.

@ChrisHae Is this doable ?

Yes it has to be implemented in ConBee2 firmware first and then it can get implemented in Rest API.
I can’t say how the schedule for a firmware implementation is. @manup could give more information.

Soo… I joined the forum just to ask politely… my ConBee2 does everything except for this. I have a few Philips lights that I love, but I’m held hostage by the fact I can’t fix them until the touchlink thing arrives in the firmware.

Pretty please?


Sorry to say, but currently it isn’t planned to add Touchlink support for ConBee II or III since there are too many other open tasks with high priority.

As a workaround and better option is to use the Philips Dimmer remote control, which does send a Touchlink reset command to light when holding I and O buttons until the light blinks and finally resets (can take 20 seconds). This only works with Philips lights (since Touchlink is a security nightmare, most other brands don’t support Touchlink anymore or it’s at best flaky). Before reset the light needs to be power cycled as Touchlink only works for 30 seconds if I remember correctly.

Alternatively, if the light to be reset is currently connected to a Hue bridge it can also be reset to factory defaults by deleting it in the Hue app, same if it is connected to deCONZ, deleting the light in Phoscon App will reset it.

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Please add it. :slight_smile:

  • I don’t run deCONZ, Phoscon or whatever, I run HA.
  • I don’t have a Philips remote, nor do I want one.