Feature Request : More categories for more devices

Hey there,

Currently, there’s only 3 categories in Phoscon: Switches, Lights and Sensors. deCONZ Supports much more. Perhaps we can also have Thermostats,Covers and sockets added. Maybe even more.

The lack of this often confuses users as they have no clue that all 3 modes do the same thing: permitting joins in the network.


Agreed, that was one of the things I could not wrap my head around when I first started out with deCONZ. So I assume many new users are wondering the same thing when adding new devices: why does a Smart Socket show up as a light and why don’t I see any metrics? Or why don’t I see sensor X in Phoscon after it was supposedly added?

I still don’t understand why we need Phoscon at all. To me, Phosconis just a rudimentary pairing assistant. Not much more. Isn’t it (or, couldn’t it be) possible to initiate pairing directly from the ConBee VNC view, and then everything from then on could be REST-API based?

You mean phoscon? Deconz is the main application :sweat_smile:

Yes, sorry - my bad. I did mean Phoscon.
I’ve corrected it now.

You have my vote too

How the h#%=×$= would new users know what is supported if it hidden In only categories and maybe you have to select other

Deconz is nice for the super nerds. I,m only 50% that so most of the time I use phoscon (under HA) as its faster. Select what I want to add and then I get a guide on how to add. I often forget how.

Updating firmware could be added to phoscon too. The deconz way do work, but sometimes it act up. I never had success updating ikea 5 button remotes. But after some attempts I could update their lights

So yes the helping hand that phoscon provides for sure has its place