Fan Module (Hampton Bay) Status? UPDATE! Works, but one thing

Hi all, I was reading through this Issue…

Is anyone using this module? Is it functional in current releases? I don’t care much about Phoscon, I’m more concerned if everything makes it through the api to Home Assistant.

Thanks for any advice!

I’m using this in Homeseer via the Raspbee, and it’s been working fine for me for the last year or so.


I got one at a decent price and it works just great with deconz and Home Assistant. So much better than the wifi fan controller I had!

One thing. This controller has a feature that randomly adjusts the fan’s speed gradually up and down and it really simulates a “summer breeze”. It’s nice. The attributes show “Smart” when I select this with the remote instead of the usual Low Medium and High. The fan in HA shows “off”.

I know there are some 4-speed fans out there too, I wonder if when this is re-written as a DDF someday if “Smart” could occupy the 4th fan speed that others use as a speed? I’d like to help with that.

Should I do a Device Request? It’s already working 95%. Just make an Issue and let someone tag it and “Enhancement”?

These are the speeds that I’m aware of. Speed [FanSpeed] Off, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, Auto, ComfortBreeze.

I looked at the HA fan platform documentation and I can probably use preset modes for those non-percentage modes.

Are you saying not all fans support these 7 values? How could I tell if it supports all or just a subset?

I m reading the code, and I think the API is already ready for that.
It’s on the attribute 0x0000 and used value are

                    if ( mode == 0x00 ) { modeSet = QLatin1String("off"); }
                    if ( mode == 0x01 ) { modeSet = QLatin1String("low"); }
                    if ( mode == 0x02 ) { modeSet = QLatin1String("medium"); }
                    if ( mode == 0x03 ) { modeSet = QLatin1String("high"); }
                    if ( mode == 0x04 ) { modeSet = QLatin1String("on"); }
                    if ( mode == 0x05 ) { modeSet = QLatin1String("auto"); }
                    if ( mode == 0x06 ) { modeSet = QLatin1String("smart"); }

For this module, “Smart” = “ComfortBreeze”. When I go through the buttons on the remote and read each value, here is what I see and what it related to in percent as shown in Home Assistant:

Off - 0%
On - 100%
High - 75%
Medium - 50%
Low - 25%
Smart - not displayed

My previous Wifi controller only had Low, Medium and High. Perhaps Zigbee does support them all?

This Hampton Bay controller claims to have dimming, but either my light doesn’t support it or the LED bulbs I use have no visible effect. Moving the slider doesn’t change anything and it’s never dimmed even before a smart controller. That is easy enough to fix by changing the device class in HA and can be left up to the user depending on what their fan/light supports.

Sure it’s ready. But I’m interested in knowing if all devices will have the same features or if it can differ

IDK, and I m not sure for fan device future, there is a PR blocked in waiting list, lot of issues/ideas about this kind of stuff, for me it’s something that will change soon, perhaps a new device type

What PR? Tell me more about those ideas :slight_smile:

The on/off works for the lights, but I’ve never had dimmable bulbs in mine, so I don’t know if that works - my fan light unit takes the small candelabra bulbs, and I don’t have any dimmable ones of those to test.

Well, deConz supports all 5 speeds plus the Smart option for comfort breeze on the fan remote control. Note that the fan itself doesn’t support all these speeds IF you control it via the pull cord - you just get the standard 3.
With the Hampton Bay unit, you set the physical fan to 100% via the pull cord, and the controller gives you the 5 speeds plus the breeze, so I suspect that would work on any model fan out there.

Hopefully converting it to DDF isn’t going to break anything. It took a fair bit of work from ebauuw at the deConz end and Wim on the Homeseer end to get this working. My main fan unit is in my home office where I work 5 days a week, it’s coming up to summer, and I really don’t want the fan to start not working.

I don’t found the PR was probably just an issue, but If I m right you are one of the devs which proposes improvements/ideas for this kind of devices ATM no ^^ ?

All I’m asking for is to be consistent in device type and be clear how to identify what speeds are supported :slight_smile:

Supported speed seem fine, it s from the zigbee bible, but it’s seem too, there is another attribute that can be usable for other devices. FanMode At tribute
The FanMode attribute is an 8-bit value that specifies the current speed of the fan. It SHALL be set to one of
the nonreserved values in Table 6-41:
Table 6-41. FanMode Attribute Values
Value Description
0x00 Off
0x01 Low
0x02 Medium
0x03 High
0x04 On
0x05 Auto (the fan speed is self-regulated)
0x06 Smart (when the heated/cooled space is occupied, the fan is always on)
Note that for Smart mode, information must be available as to whether the heated/cooled space is occupied.
This MAY be accomplished by use of the Occupancy Sensing cluster (see 4.8).

and the FanModeSequence At tribute
The FanModeSequence attribute is an 8-bit value that specifies the possible fan speeds that the thermostat can
set. It SHALL be set to one of the non-reserved values in Table 6-42FanSequenceOperatio. (Note: ‘Smart’ is
not in this table, as this mode resolves to one of the other modes depending on occupancy).
Table 6-42. FanSequenceOperation Attribute Values
Attribute Value Description
0x00 Low/Med/High
0x01 Low/High
0x02 Low/Med/High/Auto
0x03 Low/High/Auto
0x04 On/Auto

Sorry for formating, but it’s visible on zigbee cluster specification.