Fail instead of endless loop


I’m using deCONZ in a Home Assistant environment and I frequently get this type of errors in the logs:

21:54:34:568 dev /dev/ttyS0
21:54:35:557 wait reconnect 6 seconds
21:54:36:558 wait reconnect 5 seconds
21:54:37:558 wait reconnect 4 seconds
21:54:38:557 wait reconnect 3 seconds
21:54:39:557 wait reconnect 2 seconds
21:54:40:557 wait reconnect 1 seconds

From there it just loops endlessly, trying to reconnect, but the problem is not detected by HA. Restarting the add on usually solves the problem.

My feature request is that it would be better if the add on failed after a certain number of retries, so that the HA watchdog or some other automation could restart it. Is that doable?


We don’t maintain the addon. Home assistant maintains it themselves. Your best off to ask there.

I believe the plug-in needs to fail for the add-on to be able to detect it.

I got this question from the add-on maintainer:

Do you know if the deconz app has a health/alive API? If so I can plug that in as the watchdog URL so it can monitor it. Basically just looking for an API that returns a 200 if its alive and anything besides a 200 otherwise.

@Mimiix, any ideas on how to move this issue forward? It seems reasonable to me that the retry loop should fail after a couple of retries.

As I said, we don’t develop the addon. Furthermore, the docker version doesn’t seem to have this issue. As the ha addon is also using docker in some extend, there should be other ways.

This isn’t anything that we can fix.

Thanks for a quick response. I’m trying to navigate here with little success. You’re pointing towards the addon developers, and they’re pointing at the deCONZ developers so I’ma little lost.

My understanding is that the addon wraps around the underlying deCONZ code. Isn’t that correct?

Is the log output in my OP generated by the ceCONZ code or the addon?

The official install methods, docker and native installation, do not suffer this issue. Only the home assistant addon as it appears.

I am not sure where it originates from as deconz is having way more lines when it’s trying to mount.