Extract firmware from Ikea Tradfri light

Hi everyone,

I am using a Conbee 2 stick with Home Assistant. deCONZ is version 2.12.6. I updated a TRÅDFRI bulb GU10 WS 400lm to version 2.0.029 but this firmware version has a bug where scenes no longer work. However I still have version 2.0.022 on 2 other lights. Is it possible to somehow extract version 2.0.022 from them, so that I can flash this over 2.0.029? Alternatively, is there a way for me to download the older firmware version? On Ikea’s website I can only find the latest one.

The file name of the .zigbee files found in the otau folder for this bulb are
117c-4204-20023623.zigbee and 117c-4204-20029623.zigbee. Both have the same bug with scenes.

Not that i know of. However, you can get creative and try to get it here by adjusting the URLS:

Good idea, I tried to change the filename to 2.0.22 however I got an Access Denied error. Maybe another part of the URL needs to change but there are too many variables and possibilities. Maybe someone still has that version in an older otau folder lying around and could send that to me?

Should someone find this thread here is a workaround.

I’m using Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi with Conbee 2 stick. I found a solution where I use Controllerx which is available through HACS. Controllerx allows to map remote controls like the Tradfri one to Home Assistant actions. Basically HA is sending the commands to the lights based on the buttons I press. I guess this works as well as long as Ikea won’t fix the bug in their firmware.