Exchange of conbee II


since I wasnt able to solve a problem with my conbee II stick (, my only hope is/was that its a hardware error, so I got a new conbee II stick.

So I unplugged the old, plugged in the new conbee II and rebooted. Everything works as expected and all paired devices are still in the phoscon app, but nothing responds. E.g. I switch a light in the phoscon app and the light shows as on/off within the app, but the light never switches in the real world.

I have quite a lot of zigbee devices paired, do I need to pair them all again or is there anything else to do when changing the conbee II stick?

Thanks for any hints.

Hello, use the old conbee, make a backup (of the zigbee network) using phoscon, and restore it with the new conbee.
The network configuration is stored on the gateway (and the device database on the host)

did a backup at the old stick and successfully restored on the new one. the devices in the phoscon app unfortunately stays unresponsiv.

Powercycle the devices while searching for the devices

And other think, somes sensors like aqara/xiaomi don’t like to be without parent for a long time, they can leave the network.